London university freshers packing tips

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It’s finally that time of the year when students leave their homes to start a new life, in a new city or even country and the UK and London are hugely popular student destinations. Here we discuss the London university freshers packing tips.

Moving to university can be an emotional affair, for parents as well as the children. You’re going to be moving to the next phase of your life and tasting the bitter-sweet taste of independent living, which means you’ve finally grown up!

With a mixed bag of emotions and hundreds of things to take care of simultaneously, it’s easy to miss out on things while preparing to leave.

When it comes to packing for uni, there’s a few things to bear in mind to prepare as a university fresher. Apart from a few uni essentials that are uniform for everyone, your packing will depend upon your needs and desires.

Since this is your first time going to uni, you may find yourself a little perplexed about what you should be packing. From bedroom items to kitchen necessities and personal toiletries, there is so much to keep in mind while packing your university essentials.

To ease your burden, we have compiled a list of uni room essentials that you must carry along when you leave for your university.

1. Documents

gather-documents-as-tip-for-freshers-packing-their-bagsWe cannot stress enough how important this initial step in your packing guide is. The first thing you should do is get all your documents in place because you’re going to be needing them at every step. A few crucial ones include your passport, visa (if required), acceptance letter and other university-related papers, insurance, bank, and accommodation documents. Stack them together in a file to avoid the chances of misplacing them. You’ll see how easy things get at the airport and upon arrival if you do this (please also check the pandemic guidelines before traveling)!

2. Studying Must-Haves

gather-studying-musthaves-as-tip-for-freshers-packing-their-bagsOften, the excitement of moving to a new city can mask the real reason behind doing it – education. So, you must make a list and include everything that may be needed for academic purposes. A laptop is a staple in every student’s life, so that comes in your list of must-haves. Don’t forget to put your laptop charger and other accessories along with it. You’ll also be needing paperclips, highlighters, pens/pencils, sellotape and sticky notes for your daily study sessions. We suggest purchasing your books and other study materials after you arrive, simply because it will be easily available there and won’t add to your luggage weight! Plus, in London students can find student discounts everywhere on stationary, books and other utensils.

3. Clothing Items

get-clothing-items-as-tip-for-freshers-packing-their-bagsResearching about the year-round weather of the city you’re set to go to will give you a fair idea of what you should be carrying along. If the weather happens to be colder for most of the year, bringing warmer clothes will help. Similarly, if you’re moving to a more tropical or warm-weathered city, light clothes will be sufficient. Along with the regulars, you’ll also want to bring along your favourite pair of jeans, party dresses, nightwear and more. When it comes to footwear, you can carry your regular pair, a party pair, formal ones, a pair of boots and sports shoes. Also, keep a raincoat or an umbrella to use on rainy days, which are more frequent in London.

4. Kitchen Items

get-kitchen-items-as-tip-for-freshers-packing-their-bagsThinking of carrying kitchen items may have you worried. But don’t fret, you won’t need to carry an entire kitchen along, just a few essentials. The kitchen at your chosen accommodation will be fully equipped usually. At the best Student Halls, you will have access to a modern integrated kitchen that is perfect to whip up all kinds of dishes. Small things like bowls, plates, cutlery, oven mittens, trays, mugs, cups etc. should be carried along to avoid added expenditure. Throw in a saucepan, frying pan, knives, and a couple of dishcloths too. Don’t forget to bring along a few reusable containers to store your leftovers!

5. Bedroom Essentials

bedroom-essentials-as-tip-for-freshers-packing-their-bagsMost student accommodations are fully furnished, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. But we recommend taking along a few things that you will need to make life simpler for you. These include pillowcases, pillows (if you have a special requirement), duvet covers, bed sheets, hangers, rubbish bags, a tiny sewing kit and clothes hangers. Along with these, you can even carry fairy lights, an alarm clock, throw cushions and other decorative items if you want to make your room even more aesthetically pleasing or feel more homely.

6. Bathroom/ Personal Hygiene Items

get-personal-hygiene-items-as-tip-for-freshers-packing-their-bagsIt’s always wise to carry bathroom and personal hygiene items so you don’t end up running out of them soon. Soap, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, toothbrushes/pastes, contact lens solution (if needed), tampons etc. are must-haves. You may even want to carry hair styling tools and brushes along. Small items like a nail cutter, eyelash curler, epilator and razors are easy to miss out too. It’s advisable to create a list and put them all in one pouch/bag, so you do not end up misplacing them. If you fancy beauty and cosmetic treatments in London, then you should check out our London cosmetic treatments list.

Now you should be good to go and start university as a fresher in London, the UK or wherever you fancy.


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