10 Best Activities to do in Lockdown London this Autumn

10 Best Activities to do in Lockdown London this Autumn

Londoners are facing a tough time because of ongoing restrictions and partial lockdowns throughout this Covid-19 pandemic.

This autumn is therefore time to consider alternative activities to do outdoors that fulfill you with joy while adhering to social distancing. Moreover, the following London activities support your mental health and well-being, which is crucial in difficult times.

Check out these 10 fun and lockdown-friendly activities equipped with face masks, so you don’t miss out on visiting the best places in London this autumn.

1. Explore one of London’s fantastic museumsExplore one of London’s fantastic museums

This autumn in lockdown London you can still explore iconic museums like the British Museum where there are some amazing autumn exhibitions going on. You can book a ticket for ‘Tantra’: From Enlightenment to Revolution”, which opened on September 24th, showing the Eastern philosophy of Tantra, its revolutionary approach to politics, sex, and gender. Tickets can be booked via the British Museum website and the museum ensures social distancing measures are in place during your visit.

2. Enjoy scenic autumn walks in London Parks

We all love London for its amazing green spaces and parks. This autumn you should really use the time you have while all events are canceled to explore parks you haven’t visited yet. We have listed the most highly rated parks below by Londoners:

2.1 Kew GardensEnjoy scenic autumn walks in London Parks

Kew Gardens, also known as the Royal Botanic Gardens, is a household name amongst Londoners with exotic flowers and wild meadows, exciting light displays during the darker season, and insightful workshops based on the research into botanical studies. Kew Gardens used to be a royal palace, expanding over 300 acres. Visit grand Victoria glasshouses or take a trip to the Tree Top Walkway, at eighteen meters high it offers a rather lush view.

2.2 Richmond Park

Another favorite is Richmond Park, being amongst the largest Royal Parks in London, occupying about 2500 acres, you can encounter hundreds of red and fallow deer wandering around freely. If you’d like to be active you can of course jog or hire a bike from Roehampton Gate.

3. Take part in a Bonfire Night Event in LondonTake part in a Bonfire Night Event in London scaled

Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night at one of London’s many eye-catching fireworks displays. Based on the story of a man named Guy Fawkes who assassinated King James I in 1605 this event generally takes place on 5th November, comprising of bonfires, firework displays, and gatherings with food and drinks in the whole city. Tip: Great views are guaranteed from Alexandra Palace.

4. Visit the London Theatre while you canVisit the London Theatre while you can

Although lockdown pushing back the attraction of the London theatres for some months, now some of the theatres have reopened with socially distanced productions, from tiny fringe shows to musicals. You can see many plays or musicals like “Adam Kay: This Is Going To Hurt”, a Comedy Musical at the Apollo Theatre, while ‘Beat the Devil’, a Drama by Ralph Fiennes is on at the Bridge Theatre.

5. Visit Shops offering CBD Experiences to get a morale boost

Visit Shops offering CBD Experiences to get a morale boostCannabis in the form of CBD oil provides great health benefits to human beings. CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant and then diluted with a carrier like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. There are many active CBD oil users in the UK these days who swear on the positive effects. That’s why we recommend you go out on the streets of London to discover experiences and businesses to try CBD oil in different ways such as with infused drinks or smoothies at Farmacy or CBD infused massages at Cloud Twelve. You can find more secret tips here: https://www.londonbusinessnews.com/where-to-buy-cbd-oil/.

6. Check out Art Exhibitions in London’s best Art Galleries to take your mind off LockdownCheck out Art Exhibitions in London’s best Art Galleries to take your mind off Lockdown

London’s iconic art galleries always offer incredible exhibitions. At the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, a violent, seriously brilliant Baroque painting named ‘Artemisia’ would distract you from everything going on in the world right now by showing the modern feminist fable from the seventeenth century, where Artemisia beheaded her rapists. Or you can visit the brand-new Saatchi Yates Gallery in Mayfair for an exclusive AR influenced art exhibition by Pascal Sender. You’ll get an iPad featuring an app the artist has developed and when you capture each painting with it, you’ll see a 3D version with moving elements. Stranger Things in real life!

7. Have food and drinks on the Rooftop at the Hippodrome CasinoHave food and drinks on the Rooftop at the Hippodrome Casino

Having three spacious floors The Rooftop provides an open-air oasis in the center of the West End, which is the perfect place for socially distanced drinks and food this autumn. Don’t worry, they have warm heaters and coverings to protect you from the rainy autumnal London weather.

8. Network with others at a hip Co-Working SpaceNetwork with others at a hip Co-Working Space

London has some really fancy co-working spaces dotted all over and most assume you can only work there, but no, they offer fantastic leisure activities too like pools, small cinemas, or playrooms like The Collective in Canary Wharf for example. You can find a whole list of trendy co-working spaces here: https://www.londonbusinessnews.com/co-living-places-in-london/.

9. Visit Canary Wharf’s now empty Bars and RestaurantsVisit Canary Wharf’s now empty Bars and Restaurants

At the moment all offices in Canary Wharf are deserted, which gives you the opportunity to dine out in some of the fanciest restaurants the city has to offer without having to book several weeks in advance to get in. Find the best 35 restaurants and bars here: https://news.clickdo.co.uk/top-35-canary-wharf-restaurants/.

10. Relax and unwind in a luxury London SpaRelax and unwind in a luxury London Spa

To relax from the stress caused by lockdown and to escape it all, pamper yourself at one of London’s incredibly posh spas. You can go top-notch and book an Ayurveda treatment at the Renaissance Hotel in St. Pancras or you can go slightly more affordable, but none-the-less fulfilling, with a massage or facial at the Cowshed in various locations around London. Find the most recommended spas here: https://www.londonbusinessnews.com/7-relaxation-experiences-in-london-for-entrepreneurs/.

You don’t have to hide

Despite all the restrictions Londoners are facing during this pandemic, there are still plenty of options available that allow London visitors and residents to enjoy themselves – at a safe distance. Plus, it’s never been so quiet and calm here!

Best Classic British Meals To Warm Your Lonely Soul

Best Classic British Meals To Warm Your Lonely Soul - Londonoutloud.co.uk

Food is a source of energy for us. Nothing hits home better than a steaming plate of food that reminds you of your childhood.

It gives you nostalgia remembering how your mother prepared these for you when you were little and how all of you would sit together near the fireplace to enjoy your meal.

It is not just the food that’s appealing but the memories that are associated with the food. You remember all the memories you have made, laughing, teasing, and in general having the time of your life.

This holiday season you might be away from your family and the memories might haunt you while you spend your days locked up inside, taking online classes due to COVID-19.

In these testing times, we are here to ease your pain. It is about time you ask an expert’s dissertation writing services to submit those essays in time and turn on the stove. Here are 10 of the most classic British meals that will help you relive all your precious memories and take your mind of everything negative.

1. Scones

Scones-Brirish MealsScones are probably the most popular teatime confectionaries. Britain is known around the world for its love for teatime and all the goodies that come with it. Teatime is incomplete without scones. British scones are different from the ones found elsewhere.

These scones are both sweet and savory. The sweet ones are filled with raisins, dates, and other fruity goodness. Savory scones may include cheese potato and in some variations, you can find cheese and butter in it.  

2. Steak And Kidney Pie

Steak And Kidney Pie - British mealsPies are also a traditional staple in British households. Brits are very fond of eating the internal organs of animals and use the same in their pies. Previously, pies were food for the poor. It did not cost much and was filling. Now the dish stands as tradition and is enjoyed all over the country.

The steak and kidney pie is made with beef and the kidneys of the cow itself. Different households have their renditions of the famous dish. Some add mushrooms while some use wine to give it a kick. All in all, it’s a crowd favorite as the aroma of a freshly baked pie is intoxicating.

3. Toad In The Hole

Toad In The Hole - British MealsDespite its strange name, the dish is famous all over Britain. It is essentially a small piece of beef baked in a large piece of pudding. However, the taste is unworldly. Simply put, this dish is the heart of British comfort foods.

There are no restrictions on how you can make it. The possibilities are endless. You can choose any meat of your liking, make the batter and bake it. You’ll surely be remembered of home with the first morsel you take.

4. Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding - British MealsDo you remember the Sundays when your mother would round up all the children and set a feast on the table, the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding was always the star of the show.

This pair is also called the Sunday roast. In it, you will find meat, potatoes, and pudding. Many households also prepared an array of condiments to go with the savory pudding. You could find gravy and mint sauce as a classic pairing.

5. Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips - British MealsFish and chips is also a widely popular dish in Britain. Because of its extreme popularity people all around the world have come up with their own variation of the British classic.

Many brits even consider it as their national dish as it is considered as a uniting force for all of Britain. The brits the first to come up with this combination and since then they have tightly held on to it. You can fish and chip shops at every corner of every street.

6. Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasties - British MealsThe Cornish pasties are a simple dish. It is made with beef and puff pastry. Some people also use a combination of vegetables and put them in the pocket of pastry. This savory dish is also called oggies.

It is a famous dish of Cornwall and has even been awarded protected status. The pasties are ‘D’ shaped and date back to the late 18th century.  Since then this dish has won the hearts of Brits.

7. Bangers And Mash

Bangers And Mash - British MealsBringing you meat and potatoes yet again, this dish is a staple in not only British but also Irish households. This dish is served as sausages, any of your choice, and mashed potatoes. The topping is of gravy which may include peas and fried onion.

It is considered a comfort food and it does not take a lot of time to make and is relatively easier. It is always made in huge quantities to feed a large family in the congregation.

8. Haggis

Haggis - British MealsThe British obsession with animal organs continues. Haggis is a dish made from the internal organs of a sheep. The heart, liver, and lungs are used. The organs are made into sausages with other ingredients and stuffed into the animal’s stomach to cook.

However, now the recipe is tweaked a bit and now instead of the animal stomach, the artificial casing is used. It does not sound very appetizing but the end result is nothing short of a mystery. The taste is impeccable.

9. Bacon Butty

Bacon Butty - British MealsSandwiches are common all over the world. The bacon butty is a famous sandwich enjoyed by the British. This sandwich is simple with bacon, bread, butter, and ketchup. It is a wonderful replacement for snacks.

10. Lancashire Hotpot

Lancashire Hotpot - British MealsThis dish is as simple as it gets. It features lamb meat with potato in a casserole. This casserole is layered with other ingredients and left to slowly cook for hours at end. Once taken out of the oven it smells like heaven and uplifts the mood of even the grumpiest family members.

Hopefully, the mentioning of these dishes made you feel better. It is okay to miss home, family, and friends, all you have to do is tighten your apron and begin cooking.

Author’s Bio:

Faith Coles is a food enthusiast with a great love for British cuisine. She has been blogging about food for several years and has even introduced new recipes. Her favorite past time is recreating old recipes with her own touch.