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The United Kingdom is one of the topmost destinations for students from across the globe and for a good reason!

It is home to some of the oldest educational institutions and top business schools in the world along with some of the most forward-thinking and eclectic ones and you can now also take virtual tours of some universities here before you decide.

Here, you will find a melting pot of world culture in the metropolitan cities like London and sleepy, English villages that seem to have jumped out of a Brontë novel as you move away into the countryside!

Here is a list of reasons that will make you want to enroll in a UK university and pack your bags right now!

1. Education is a Way of Life

Once you step into the UK, you will know what I mean. Here, you will come across people who might not have studied after high school but their education has not stopped. Whether you are riding on a bus or traveling on a train, waiting at a stop or walking down the lane, you will find people reading books. In the UK, reading books is not something that a few people do, it is something only a few people don’t do. You will be able to have some of the most meaningful conversations with people on and off-campus and will learn something new, every single day!

Education In UK

2. The Student Discounts are a Blessing

You might have heard horror stories about how expensive England is especially in major cities like London. What you might not have heard is that there are plenty of ways to save money, especially for students. From getting a flat 30% off on rail and bus transportation to exclusive student discounts on the latest Apple & Microsoft products. Many retailers also offer discounts for your favourite lifestyle accessories, so you can save a lot of money as a student in Great Britain.

Student Discounts


3. You Will Never Have to Buy a New Book

If you do want to buy a fresh book right off the shelves, it is your choice. However, if you are looking for second-hand books, for your university/college, or simply for your leisure reading, you can find everything second-hand and for less than half the sticker price. All you need to do is simply go online and look for second-hand books or enjoy a stroll by the riverside in London where you will find plenty of pop-up stores selling books in crates. You can also visit a weekend market where you will find bookstalls or go to a small, independent bookstore…you get the gist! The big bookstores like Waterstones also give students discounts.

uk student experience - Book

4. Travelling is So Easy

If you are into cross-country travel, then Great Britain is perfect as it has unparalleled connectivity when it comes to public transport which means that you can travel to your heart’s content. It is easy, affordable (if you book ahead of time and with student discounts), and safe. This means that you can simply pack your bags and visit any place from the magical, barren landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, to the white cliffs on the southern tip of England, or the Irish moors – many destinations will leave you with some truly memorable experiences.

Travelling - UK Student Experiences

5. Students and Student Accommodations are Everywhere

You will find no dearth of international students in the UK. From the biggest cities to the quietest hamlets, students are everywhere. This means that if you are living in London, you will find entire neighbourhoods occupied by students with loads of high-quality student accommodation in London and also around it. You get to take your pick from entire furnished apartments, local households, and student halls in London. This abundance is true for every major and minor city and town which means you get to choose from a wide array of student living options where you can save money!

Student Accommodations - UK Students Experiences

6. You will Fall in Love with the Art

Whether you are an admirer of art or not, we are sure that your stay in the UK will make you fall in love with it! Here, art is everywhere not just in the museums (btw, the museums are everywhere too and mostly free to enter!). From live theatre that sucks you into the experience to magnificent manors and well-preserved castles, from modern paintings to classical poetry, you simply can’t escape art when here. You will also be thrilled to know that Harry Potter was shot at many actual locations throughout the UK that you can visit. From the campus of Oxford University to the London Zoo and King’s Cross station, magic is everywhere!

Art - Students in UK

7.  You Can Work Here Too!

Earning in British Pounds as a student can give you a good return when heading back home! You can work up to twenty hours with your study visa to help finance your degree in the UK. This means that you can fund your travels, pay a part of your rent and manage your everyday expenses with greater ease. The friends that you make at work are the cherry on the top!

Work in UK

Now that you know a little more about the UK as a student destination, we hope that you will come and experience student life in this United Kingdom. We promise you will return with a bagful of experiences and memories that you will find nowhere else in the world and this is especially true for diverse and vibrant London, where many career opportunities also await you.


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