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Online tuition classes have become accessible and convenient for students. The advent of technology has opened so many possibilities for online learning.

So, you can think of tutoring as one of the cost-effective ways of learning. It reduces the time and money spent on transport. Hence, it lets students study from the convenience of their homes.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and England. It has become an educational hub of the country, and many staggering statistics show remarkable improvement in students’ education in this city with some of the best private schools. Schools and other education institutions outperform other cities.

Online tutoring in London has many benefits that traditional teaching cannot provide. Hence, the students can communicate with tutors and peers with the click of a button and parents can easily track their feedback reports from a live dashboard. It allows students to work at their own pace in a quiet environment.

Students can also get personalised classes that can improve their self-esteem and confidence to help them achieve outstanding results.

What are the Best Practices for Online Tutoring in London?

Boost your grades 3x times with courses customised to learning objectives. It allows children to meet their individual needs.

Due to COVID-19, many parents are opting for this form of learning. There are many benefits associated with it. That is why people prefer it over traditional education.

1. Get Comfortable at your Workstation

get-comfortable-at-your-workstation-as-best-practices-for-online-tutoring-in-londonIt would be nice if you took some time putting up the necessary things for your physical comfort because sitting at a computer for long periods can be physically taxing.

To prevent burnout, you should set the stage beforehand:

  • For comfort, a nice chair is essential. When working on laptops for longer durations, the necessity of a comfortable chair could prevent untimely fatigue.
  • Always change the brightness level according to the indoor environment. It will significantly minimize visual strain!
  • Also, desktop computers and laptops should have a blue light filter to reduce dry eyes. There are many filters available online.
  • Moreover, set the room’s environment to your liking; too warm or chilly might affect your productivity. Give yourself peace of mind and take breaks between the lessons.
  • Wear comfy clothing and keep yourself presentable and well-dressed.

2. Do Some Groundwork

do-some-groundwork-as-best-practices-for-online-tutoring-in-londonSetting clear objectives for each lesson is essential. Because students may be unfamiliar with online learning, you can give them an overview and allow them to understand your intention. In addition, you can discuss your expectations from them.

Just like in a school setting, establish basic guidelines for your video lectures. Explain to pupils what they should do when they have any problems or don’t get something. Assist students in developing efficient interactive learning techniques.

Maintain a clear and transparent format on your whiteboard. Students can get overwhelmed by cluttered boards. You can take a snap of the text and then send it to the kids for a better understanding of lectures. There are several whiteboards available online. For the sake of clarity, choose one and stay with it.

3. Make Yourself Available

make-yourself-available-as-best-practices-for-online-tutoring-in-londonYou must allocate enough time for the session. Before you begin teaching, talk with pupils to create a clear teaching plan that suits both of you. Always take your class on time, and if you are late, let your students know in advance. A tutor should always look for new ways to converse and stay in touch with their pupils in online tutoring in London.

Online learning is not about preset communication. So, students need to listen, see and sense you are physical with them. After all, students need your help to stay motivated, engaged, and inspired.

4. Try Something Unique and Different

try-something-unique-and-different-as-best-practices-for-online-tutoring-in-londonOnline coaching might get boring if you only deliver lessons and exchange notes. Include individual and group activities in your video lectures to make them as enjoyable as offline ones. Some of these things could be irrelevant to the subject at hand. Maintaining a high level of confidence is crucial to keeping the momentum going!

To make your classes more enjoyable, you may try the following:

  • Conduct surprise tests to keep the kids involved in the topic.
  • Try giving away virtual awards such as winner, top performer, and creative thinker. If you do it right, it will help keep the enthusiasm going for a long time.
  • Funky Fridays are one common way of keeping a day off for creative learning. Hence, you can brainstorm, exchange ideas, and conduct online events.

5. Clarify Their Doubts and Questions

clarify-their-doubts-and-questions-as-best-practices-for-online-tutoring-in-londonAs an instructor, you’ll have a lot of curious minds and students that have a lot of questions and concerns. Hence, you emerge as a fountain of wisdom, ready to fill their need for solutions. And clarify their ambiguity.

A competent tutor will reply to these queries on time. As a tutor, you will teach the students as per their learning styles. Moreover, you should maintain a quick response time to quench your student learning quest.

Give your students enigmatic and puzzling queries. Test their knowledge at different levels. Help them with those areas they have trouble with. Likewise, analyze their work and provide them with an honest assessment.


Online tutoring in London is becoming increasingly popular as a top choice for parents that prefer more flexible and convenient tuition arrangements from home. It impacts the overall productivity and academic performance of students. Therefore, having a good tutor is what makes all the difference, especially in one of the best cities in the UK to live and work at.


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