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According to Verified Market Research, the global Escape Room Market is growing steadily, and there will be further significant growth in the next six years.

The first modern escape room was created by a publishing company called SCRAP in Kyoto, Japan, in July 2007 by Takao Kato.

The multiplayer (usually 5-6) player game was performed in a single room at first, but now SCRAP hosts more than thousands of players in a shared space.

Slowly the escape room craze spread to the rest of the world. Currently, there are more than 50,000 escape rooms spread worldwide. If you live in a major city like London, the chances are that multiple escape rooms will pop up if you search escape rooms near me online.

In the United Kingdom itself, there are around 1500 escape rooms. The UK has welcomed the real-life escape room experience with open arms. This is not surprising. Think about it. Escape room games are adventurous and fun to play.

You only have 60 minutes or so to accomplish all the room tasks and solve the puzzles to break out of the locked room. You must use all your logical and rational skills to find the clues. The most important advice you can get about playing an escape game is that you must think outside the box. It is easier said than done.

On top of all these, the well-constructed game rooms and the interesting themes are also a huge attraction to the player.

The Technology used in Escape Rooms


Escape rooms make use of technology to provide an exhilarating and realistic escape room experience. The games are made more fun with the help of technological tools. Since escape rooms require you to understand your environment well, the clues can be either physical, auditory, or visual.

You must carefully look for mechanical and electronic clues. The game scenario itself is often introduced with the help of projectors and accompanied by appropriate background music.

Electronic clues may include cameras, light switches, audio or visual recordings, electronic locks, and automated doors, to name a few. The use of cameras is often an important part of the experience.

For example, Surveillance footage and old recordings are often used to set the game, and surveillance cameras inside the room also help track the players. In case you need any hints, you can also make use of the cameras to signal the host. The use of light and sound also helps set the ambiance.

These days, electronic locks also double the thrill of the escape situation. The locks are made to open electronically only after a puzzle has been solved, and sometimes, even 3D controllers help steer the course of the game. The mechanism of the locks is also an important inclusion of technology.

The use of technology is an important aspect of escape room games. The escape room technology has also evolved with newer technological advancements. These days, VR and AR escape games are very popular in the world but especially in the UK and the US.

Technological Mechanisms of Popular London Escape Rooms


There are various popular escape room destinations in London, including Sherlock, conceptualized by Time Hunt, which brings to life a live-action locked room mystery inspired by the famous Sherlock Holmes.

While this place provides an original escape game experience enhanced by technology, the Aim Escape Rooms takes it further and provides an outdoor escape room experience.  These escape games make use of the best elements of escape games and treasure hunts while exploring the city of London. They boast revolutionary augmented reality, GPS technologies, and high-tech gadgets that provide the best outdoor escape room experience.

Archimedes Inspiration offers an AI experience of escape games. They offer technologically advanced hints through the iPhone and provide an iPad for taking notes. The games are difficult, but you will find a way out if you think creatively.

The Escape Hunt escape room provides an original Doctor Who-inspired escape room called Worlds Collide. The theme itself is fantastical and futuristic. They even made headlines by advertising the new game with people walking down Birmingham streets while wearing the famous “Cybermen” suit from the game.

Many escape room games are trying to develop a video game structure as an homage to the original inspiration of escape games. The use of VR technology in London escape rooms is also gaining popularity.

Clue Quest specializes in three different VR escape room experiences, and other escape rooms also follow similar trends, like providing cinematic experiences through escape room themes.

Wrapping Up

As the popularity of escape rooms goes stronger, the investment made into the escape room industry also grows. After the usual technologies involved in escape room games, VR and cinematic experiences are also gaining ground. The use of advanced techs like AI and hologram printing is also included in some London escape rooms. The popularity of these games is not limited to a few cities but all over the world. In the near future, even more, technological advancements will be used to provide an immersive and thrilling as well as educational escape room experience.


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