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If you’re planning your next holiday in London or beaches and seaside towns near London, we’re here with 5 essentials that you will definitely need to pack!

Check the public holidays in the UK before you travel to make sure the attractions and places, you’d like to visit are open.

Public holidays, aka bank holidays in the UK, are spread throughout the year and mark religious, historical and special events, which are often celebrated throughout the city.

Many of London’s hotels, shops, attractions and businesses stay open throughout the public holidays and offer special events, which may require advance booking to secure a spot.

As you may know, the weather in London can be very sporadic, so it’s important that you are prepared with all the right things when packing your bags. Plus, you want to make sure that you feel stylish without compromising on style throughout your trip, which we are here to help you do.

Of course, you will need a few more bits depending on your plans for the trip, but with these staples, you’ll be well on the way to having everything that you need.

1. An Umbrella

Essentials-to-Pack-for-Holiday-in-LondonFirst up, we have an umbrella. Although you can find wonderfully sunny days in London, it isn’t guaranteed, and random showers of rain are quite common. So, you’ll want to have an umbrella on hand. If you’re sightseeing by foot, then having an umbrella is definitely an essential.

Also, many common sightseeing areas are outdoors, so if you want to be able to make the most of them and enjoy them properly, you’ll need the protection from an umbrella. London is such a wonderful place to visit, and it can get good weather, but being prepared is the best way forward by packing your umbrella first and foremost!

2. A Comfy Tracksuit

Complete-Packing-List-For-London-HolidayNext up, you’ll want to take a comfy tracksuit along with you. Whilst some people do dress up in London, during the daytime especially, it is actually a casual city. If you are simply sightseeing and not going for any fancy lunches, then taking your favourite comfy and luxury womens tracksuit is ideal.

As said, the weather can be very sporadic, so when you have a tracksuit, you can explore in style whilst also being warm and comfortable. You can also take the hoodie out with you on days that feel slightly warmer just in case the sun goes in and you can pair your tracksuit bottoms with a cute crop top and trainers for the ultimate streetwear look. With a tracksuit, you’ll fit right in when you are visiting London.

3. Thin Layers

London-Packing-ChecklistAnother thing you need to pack to get ready for your trip to London is lots of thin layers. If you’re visiting London for a week, you might find that one day it is very cold, windy and rainy, then the next day it is very warm and sunny.

So, the best things you can pack to prepare are lots of thin layers. You can build up the layers on cooler days and wear less on warmer days, without having to pack lots of bulky layers that you might not wear if you get great weather! Things like thin sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jumpers in neutral colours all work really well, as you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

4. A Little Black Dress

What-to-Pack-for-London-HolidaysAlthough London isn’t super dressy in the daytime, you are likely to want to dress up in the evening, which is what a little black dress is for! Evenings in London are classy and sophisticated, especially in the fancier areas for more exclusive nights out like Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Marylebone. So, the little black dress is perfect. Pair with heels and your favourite bag to fit right in on your fancy evening out. Some areas are less formal, like Clapham, Covent Garden and Croydon, where you can dress your little black dress down with trainers.

You can also wear your little black dress for slightly more formal daytimes, pairing it with your favourite boots and a cropped jacket for the ultimate look that will take you seamlessly from day to night.

5. A Blazer

Essentials-to-Pack-for-Holiday-in-LondonThe last item on our list that you need to pack when heading to London is a blazer. People in London love a blazer, as it provides a layer of warmth that adds to an outfit rather than taking it away, and they look super classy. Layer over your little black dress on a cooler evening or wear with jeans, dressier trainers and a bodysuit for a dressier outfit for exploring or going for a fancy brunch.

Either a simple black or nude blazer will be perfect for London, as more neutral colour palettes are often favoured. Very small dogtooth patterns are also popular, usually in brown and black. Oversized fits are popular in London as well as more tailored fits, so simply choose whatever you are comfortable with and feel confident in.

Final Thoughts

With these few essentials, you will have so many outfits that you can create without having to pack your entire wardrobe! After all, London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so you will want to look amazing whilst also feeling really comfy and confident. Enjoy your holiday and make the most of the beautiful city that is London!

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