How To Get Your London Office Ready For Employees Upon Returning After Lockdown

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When office workers must leave their home office behind to return to their company’s office ready for employees in inner London, it is important that their new/old work environment is welcoming, comfortable, efficient as well as safe of course.

It may be a shock to the system to work in a big office again surrounded by many people. The new layout and arrangement of the workplace should therefore be carefully planned, also with health and safety regulations to prevent viral infections from spreading in mind and an eco-friendlier approach.

Declutter & Organise Office Ready For Employees

Declutter & Organise For Office Ready For EmployeesDecluttering the office space by removing unnecessary items can make a big difference in the presentation and how comfortable your employees feel. Cluttered spaces are not only distracting, but they also lead to time waste as things are much harder to find. Reorganising the arrangement of the tables, chairs, and shelves so that they allow for enough space between employees and good storage space can put everyone at ease during the first days back.

Aside from general junk removal, another more environmentally friendly way to declutter is to repurpose or upcycle office furniture or stationery rather than binning it and spending a lot of money on new furniture. Employees could even be involved in this as a creative team-building activity.

Quality Chairs for Quality Work

Quality Chairs for Quality WorkGood quality office chairs are essential for any London office, especially as many employees spend most of their day sitting behind a desk. Office chairs with supportive ergonomics will ensure that staff do not harm their backs and are in the best work posture while being seated. There are so many different options out there depending on your budget yet opting for the best quality chairs will show that you care for your employees and their well-being.

Ideally, the office chairs should be adjustable in terms of height and have armrests close to the body to enable the shoulders to relax. Headrests are also a recommended feature that is rarely seen, which can specifically help people who already suffer from back or neck pain. Every member of staff should have these properly installed according to their body measurements, otherwise, they could cause further health issues.

Use more Reusable & Energy Efficient Products

Use more Reusable & Energy Efficient ProductsAll employers should encourage staff to reduce office waste and energy waste to contribute to greener living. This can only be achieved if more reusable and sustainable items are offered. Examples could be that every employee uses their own reusable water bottle or coffee cup rather than offering disposable ones. In terms of stationery and office supplies paper should be reduced where possible by exchanging information electronically. Bamboo shelves or desk organisers could be replaced by plastic ones and solar-powered lights or gadgets like phone chargers would reduce energy usage.

Final Thoughts On Office Ready For Employees

Ensuring all employees are comfortable, safe, and efficient when returning to their working environment is essential in running a successful business. And considering a new layout and more eco-friendly practices and items can also reduce office costs in the long run plus contribute to healthier living and working where all employees are happy to return to every day.

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